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Show of paws: who'd like a profitable piece of the $62.75 billion (and growing) U.S. pet industry? If you're nodding, let's talk ... because Le Bon Mot specializes in tail-wagging tales. We develop professional blogs, social media campaigns, sell sheets, newsletters, white papers and consumer materials that give today’s brand-savvy pet owners beneficial insights. We also create informative, entertaining published articles, shelter profiles and celebrity interviews focused on pet personality, health, nutrition, behavior, lifestyle, training and more.     

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Need help developing content that encourages donor support? For more than 14 years, we’ve been crafting persuasive materials for fundraising and non-profit organizations nationwide. If you have an inspiring story to tell, we’ll develop a narrative that stirs emotions, enhances insight and encourages giving. Ask about annual reports, newsletters, case studies, proposals, grants, direct mail appeals, executive correspondence, e-mails, online copy, and more. We’re open to working on a flat fee or retainer basis.  

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